Busch Chain hoist all new design combination between light weight smart design and heavy duty long life chain hoist.

1. Modernized outlook

  • Novelty, hoist dimensions reduced, better

2.Optimized chain collector boxes

  • Robustness, safety.

3.Long-life brake disc

  • Improved reliability and safety.
  • no adjustments required, low maintenance.
  • Proven technology.

4. Long-life limit switch

  • Safety, hook positioning, monitoring, proven technology.

5. Bracket suspension

  • Easy installation, compatibility with existing trolleys.
  • Improved hook path due to reduced C-dimension.

6. Sturdy hoisting motor

  • Reliability due to in-house development.
  • Meets and exceeds market’s requirement.
  • Improved airflow for better cooling of the motor.
  • Optimized utilization time.
  • Enhance safety due to overheating preventive sensors.

7. More power with optimized gear parts and more safety thanks to the new clutch design

  • Improved serviceability, wide range of ratios to fit better customer applications to maximize productivity, more precise and durable clutch setting, easiness of clutch adjustment, protects people, hoist, crane and building structure from overloads.
  • Proven technology