No crane without a hoist – they are the heart of all crane systems.

Our hoists, supported by BUSCH quality, can lift both light weights starting at 100 kg using a chain hoist to heavy loads using a wire rope hoist with a loadcapacity of up to 60 t. In lifting technology, a hoist can be used for both stationary use and in combination with a crane system for area-wide hook coverage.

Single Wire Rope Hoists

BUSCH electric wire rope hoists are the core element of crane systems.

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Double Wire Rope Hoists

BUSCH electric wire rope hoists are the core element of crane systems.

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Electric Chain Hoists

The outstanding features of the BUSCH electric chain hoists are low headroom
design, precision lifting as a standard and long service life of the brake linings.

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Components & Accessories

BUSCH Crane Kits and accessories assist your crane system and offer you additional

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Wire Rope Hoist

Wire Rope Hoist is the most commonly used hoist for overhead cranes. Single track type Z trolleys in the BUSCH hoist range are used for load capacities from 1 ton up to 16 ton. It features a compact design with excellent installation dimensions. Type D double rail trolleys are used when particularly heavy cargo up to 60 tons needs to be transported.
This means, for example, that it can be used as a machine jack on a printing press production line. Such hoists are also suitable for lifting sensitive loads, even if the hook path is long. For this purpose, wire rope hoists are equipped with more complex electrical controls, depending on the application of the crane. With our BUSCH Wire Rope Hoist, you can choose from a variety of lifting names, depending on your load capacity, lifting dimensions, and lifting height requirements. We offer standard wire rope hoist type Z (up to 16 t), or double rail trolley type D or Z (up to 10 t). increase. There are higher load connection points (up to 600 t). The 60 t load capacity Type D wire rope hoist (our largest BUSCH hoist) is manufactured as standard, like all other wire rope hoists.

Electric Chain Hoist

The Chain Hoist is typically used as a hoist in combination with workstation cranes such as swivel cranes, lightweight mobile portals,
This is an inexpensive solution for small load capacities from 100kg to 5 t. Lateral movement of the luggage is done manually using a push / pull trolley or a two-stage electric trolley. In contrast to the rope hoist, the chain hoist can also be fixed in a stationary position. This is achieved using the standard suspension bracket (which can be opened on one side) or a special suspension hook.

BUSCH Crane Hoist All of our products are made with Drive motor units made in Germany.

If you need spare parts for an electric chain hoist or wire rope hoist, Assemble spare parts for the hoist upon request. All components are easily accessible and replaced, thanks to products suitable for repair and maintenance. Robust, modular and maintenance-friendly design is always a user-friendly and compact hoist technical design. Our lifting products are available in two speeds as standard. If desired, a converter for continuously variable speed can be used to lift or move the load. This is especially important for applications that use sensitive materials. Needless to say, all BUSCH hoist products are certified according to European standards and regulations