Double Girder Overhead Crane

BUSCH overhead travelling cranes lift loads of up to 60 t making them the ideal solution for particularly
demanding tasks and large spans up to 50 m.

Double girder overhead travelling crane

BUSCH double girder overhead travelling cranes achieve the maximum load capacity of up to 60 tones.
They are available in various configurations and feature the versatility required for additional requirements. It is very easy to implement higher crane travel speeds, service platforms, trolleys with
walkways, and auxiliary hoists .

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BUSCH Single Girder Overhead Crane

BUSCH Single girder travelling crane is our flexible crane for almost any application. Even in buildings with low ceilings, effective material flow solutions can be achieved for loads of up to 16 t and spans of up to 30 m. Normally safety clearances below ceilings are not required for single girder cranes within this load range. This allows the optimal use of existing space or can save additional building height costs. In addition to BUSCH Single Girder Crane has Optimised headroom via main girder connection variants and The highest possible hook position can be achieved.

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BUSCH Cranes is always your First Choice

BUSCH double girder travelling cranes are your first choice. Like all BUSCH gantry cranes, they integrate
well into different building structures, whether new or existing, thanks to various main girder
connection options. BUSCH double girder travelling cranes guarantee continuously high functionality,
flexibility and ease of operation.

Max Span Range

We Provide Max Span Range up to 50 m span with many variable options for special applications as example lifting Bundle & Billets , lifting scrap & Buckets , lifting galvanized products , in addition to different girder confections with end carriage ( side – top – top side ) , according to design.

BUSCH Cranes offers a wide variety of specialized equipment for certain applications. BUSCH double girder travelling cranes type feature welded box girders. All sections used for main girders and end carriages are computer-optimized for high performance and low weight, benefits that pay in terms of strength and cost efficiency.

Easy to Use & Safety

Busch Double Girder Cranes are available with variety of option which make it to easy to use and safety in operation by providing wireless remote control for all crane motions , anti collision sensors , limit switches protections for all crane movement , overload protection in addition to end carriage & crab puffers for any sudden impact.

Also we provide upgrading options for client crane as upgrading ( Crane Girders , End carriage , Crane safety , Remote control , more Sensors , changing Crab ,Busbar power supply , Festoon cables , Full Crane kit supply and all Client need according to client request.


Thanks to German Technology Drive Motors Busch Cranes Provide Heavy Duty up to FEM 4m ISO M7 for high lifting purposes and special applications ( Steel mill applications , CEMENT Maintenance applications , Huge Compressor Maintenance applications ) , Special Request available .

BUSH Crane offers Double Girder overhead crane with fair prices as we are looking for client business relationship for long-term investment, in addition to special after sale service guaranteed with ready prepared spare parts for all crane components in stock for fastest delivery.

BUSCH Double Girder Traveling Crane Features

We provide a lot for cranes features according to every application and client request in all categories

  • SWL up to 60 t.

  • Spans up to 50 m (SWL dependent).

  • Additional features can be easily added.

  • Fast long and cross travel speeds possible.

  • Intelligent functions—an option with the BUSCH crane control

  • End Carriage wheel block option available

  • Remote Control for all crane Movement

  • Highest Safety protection Limit switch & anti collision sensors

  • Optimum Design in low spaces available

  • Heavy Duty Cranes FEM 4m ISO M7


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