BS Series Wire Rope Electric Hoist
Lifiting Capacity : 1 000 kg ~ 16 000 kg

Standard Features

  • Double – Speed or Inverter Lifting motor with 1 – 16 Ton

Standard Variable

  • 380V/3ph/50HZ Supply Voltage
  • Control Voltage 48
  • Lifting Limit Switch
  • IP protection grade of the electric motor is grad IP55
  • Insulation grade is F
  • Lifting hook group with safety clasp
  • Load Lifting Limiter
  • Environment temperature -20 C -+ 40 C

Other features :

  • Highly efficient electric motor with hard tooth surface reducer, to achieve the low energy consumption and large output torque.
  • The electromagnetic brake can adjust itself automatically with high precision, to achieve fast and reliable braking with low noise.
  • The steel wire rope with high strength and high flexibility, to achieve greater and safer lifting.
  • High strength rope guide and pulley, its self-lubricating help to achieve a longer service life of the steel wire rope.
  • High strength alloy wheel group, to achieve a long service life for the wheels.
  • Modular design to realize the flexible combination.
  • Options for BS wire rope hoist. Wheel gauge of single girder hoist can be customized to300– 550mm.
  • The hoist equipped with monorail crane can choose BS series standard clearance hoist or Z series low clearance hoist according to girder type , Also If there is a turning part in the track and the trolley has turning function, with a maximum turning radius of 2m.
  • Hooks can be customized for 360°electric rotary hooks.
  • Hook size can be customized.
  • The monitoring unit is optional, with a single mechanism or multi mechanisms( for the crane). Its function is to record the total starting times, total emergency stop times, total working time, lifting motor working time, safe working cycle of brake pads, overload times, etc.. The brand cannot be specified.
  • The advantage is to help users understand the working status of the hoist and/ or crane and facilitate maintenance work. Highly recommended.
  • Measures for the humid environment:a. Heating and dehumidification of motor and/ or electric panel
    b. Stainless steel electric panel
    c. Stainless steel hoist shell.
  • Measures for the outdoor environment:a. Heating and dehumidification of motor and/ or electric panel
    b. Rain cover

Double lifting speed can be changed into frequency converting control. The function is:
A. the lifting up and down process is relatively gentle, and the impact is small.
B. the speed is adjustable. The function is recommended when

    • Lifting synchronously with other equipment
    • The anti-sway function is added
    • The ESR function is added
    • Lifting valuable goods

BS series wire rope hoists feature high handling rates, costeffective operation and maximum safety. We offer the optimum solution to meet our customers’ specific requirements.
According to your special needs, we can provide many optional features, such as higher lifting height, different lifting speed, adapting different girder type, customized hook, anti-sway, dual-brake ,load display and so on. You can change the optional features as your needs change.
We help you lift the way you want to.

BS series single girder low headroom electric hoist

Lifting capacity: 1~16t
This series wire rope hoist is the most common low headroom hoist with small hook limit. It meets your lifting height requirements and at the same time it can help you with lowering the factory construction height, to save your investment cost.

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BS Z series fast lifting type

Lifting capacity: 1~5t
The pulley rate of this series hoist is 2/1, and the lifting speed can be 10/1.6m/min. stress relief device is equipped to avoid the twisting of wire rope.

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